Brochure copywriting

I enjoy copywriting for brochures. Most of the brochure copy I’ve written has been on behalf of design agencies, which invariably means working with fun people with a highly creative approach to problem solving. I still get a tremendous rush when someone comes up with an idea I’ve never seen before.

brochure copywriting example

Brochure copy writing involves pitch and tone; at its best there really is a musical quality to it, a rhythm that makes it easy to read on. Of course most brochures are trying to sell someone something, whether it be a product, a service, or a concept. Here, the challenge is to match the visual execution with words that will seduce. Occasionally, however, the message needs to be more subtle: reassuring rather than overt, as was the case with this brochure copywriting example, written on behalf of a local design agency and their client, a wonderful nursing home in Bolton, Lancashire.