content provider and content creation

Content provider and content creation

Good content attracts visitors to websites and keeps them coming back. It ensures that newsletters get read, passed around and acted upon. It helps build trust and brand loyalty.
It persuades, inspires, educates and reassures. In short, good content sells.

Content writing for the web is different from newsletter content, which differs from mobile content, which isn’t like content creation for magazines. They all share a common goal, however. That is: to communicate a clear message to a defined audience in a way that will prompt a positive response.

Sometimes, as in the case of SEO content writing, that hoped-for response may depend on how well the content ranks within search engines. If visitors can’t find it, they can hardly respond to it. So careful consideration needs to be given to keyword density without leaving visitors with the impression that they’re reading the same words and phrases over and again.

Writing content for email newsletters (and printed ones for that matter) is about grabbing attention fast – one usually has less than two seconds to make an impression – and convincing the viewer to read on. That means knowing instinctively what makes a good story and, once hooked, how to draw the reader naturally towards the call to action.

Being a freelance content writer involves knowing a little about web development, email design and search engine optimisation, a little about newsletter layout and print production, and a lot about how people respond to the written word. On the client side, it helps too if you can combine a ‘firm but gentle’ touch with a degree of diplomacy.

Copywriting Copywriter works closely with the creative content provider Working Titles to produce original and lively content for all media, although especially customer magazines, email and printed newsletters, and websites. Working Titles’ portfolio ranges from staff newsletters for the UK’s leading removals company to free lifestyle magazines targeting women.

As organisations of every size and variety expand the number and nature of channels used to speak to others, so will follow the realisation that content truly is king and that focused, original content can make all the difference.