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Copywriting and editorial services

Because writers and editors come in a variety of flavours my work is better defined by style and approach than by project description. Here’s an overview of the kind of copywriting and editing assignments I’ll typically undertake, but do click on the links to see what I’ve made of each.

  • seo copywriting

    SEO copywriting

    A little science, a bit of maths, and a lot of artistry. Ultimately, good SEO copywriting boils down to being relevant, interesting and oh, so precise.

  • email newsletter writing

    Email newsletter writing

    The ultimate in low-cost measurable communication, but one where everything from link text to subject line length can affect response.

  • Editing and editorial services

    Editing and editorial services

    Includes commissioning, picture research,
    copy editing, proofreading, and finding
    and briefing the best designers.

  • Technical and specialist writing

    Technical and specialist writing

    If I can’t write it, I can usually find someone who can. Alternatively, provide me with notes (even bullet points) and I’ll convert them to clear copy.

  • Content provider

    Content provider

    Web content that boosts page rank, newsletter articles that generate sales leads, and magazine features that raise brand awareness.

  • Brochure copy writing

    Brochure copywriting

    Regardless of whether the subject matter is technical or touchy-feely, copy needs to paint
    a picture and to be clear.