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Email newsletter copywriting and editing service

Email copywriting and editing sorts the men from the boys, because there really is no hiding. Marketers monitor email open and click-through rates as a matter of course. Once you’ve covered the basic dos and don’ts only experience will provide you with the ability to sense what a new audience might respond to. Thereafter, it’s about the data, working to a tightly defined brief, and making sure that what you’re writing or editing is worth reading.

Monthly Briefing is an email newsletter I edit on behalf of RIBA Insight, the marketing arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects. It’s sent to marketing professionals within the construction industry. I write the subject lines and all story ‘hooks’, that is, the brief introductions designed to encourage readers to click on a ‘read more’ link that will take them to a website. I also edit the stories to which they link and regularly contribute articles themed around effective marketing communications, including copywriting for email.

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