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The SEO copywriter's poem

I don’t do poetry and, as examples of SEO copywriting best practice go, this breaks just about every rule there is. So why did I include it? Because it’s a bit of fun, and because I could.

So here’s a little poem, a tactical treatise
About search optimisation (and to justify my fees).
That’s SEO copywriting — web copywriting — if you will,
Or copy packed with ‘keywords’ that still offers folks a thrill.

Now poems aren’t my forte, and rhyming’s not my thing,
But one core skill I do possess is making copy zing.
So put your seat in upright and marvel at my wit,
Let’s pack this poem with search terms and hope that they all fit.  

I’m Andy Sivell, copywriter. My words all melt like candy.
The name is pretty spot-on too: I’m nice and fairly handy.
I’m a copywriter, and copy-writer, and I copywriting too,
I also freelance editor (should that ever interest you).

I copywriter in Cambridgeshire, and I copywriter in Beds,
I even copywriter in Essex, though they tear my vowels to shreds.
I copywriter in Lincolnshire and I copywriter in Herts.
My website copy’s keyword-rich and targeted like darts.

I copywriter in Suffolk, and copywriter in Northants,
I’d be best copywriter in London now, if I thought I stood a chance.
Did I flag web copywriting? Well that’s only half the tale.
To say that I’m most versatile would be hitting it on the nail.  

Copywriting emails, that’s in my repertoire,
Best copywriter brochures too — I really am a star.
Freelance writer newsletters, it’s like my bread and butter.
Editing and proofreading. “What else?” I hear you mutter.  

I am editorial services, and editor, and writer,
Business copywriting and best web content provider.
My copy flows, my copy sells, leads others to temptation.
As a freelance copywriter I am known throughout the nation.

I’ll help you find more customers with copy that’s enticing,
Which brings us back to SEO — oh, isn’t this exciting?!
Should you doubt my genius at web content creation,
You try rhyming ‘copywriting search engine optimisation’.


© 2010 Andy Sivell