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Freelance technical and specialist writing service

If you excel in a specialist field, or your chosen subject matter is highly technical, then the chances are that you – or someone within your organisation – will be best qualified to write specialist or technical copy. That works as long as your audience is equally clued up, and as motivated to read what you have to say as you are to put pen to paper. If not, then you’ll need a freelance technical or specialist writer.

The list of subjects in which I’m not a technical expert is a long one! I don’t have to be an expert. As a freelance writer my job is to convey information clearly and in a way that’s interesting to the reader. If the topic concerned is too technical for me to get my head around then I can ask questions, work from bullet points, or find a more suitably qualified writer. Usually however, my lack of specialist knowledge is actually a bonus, as it allows me to write specialist copy from the point of view of the customer. One can rely upon their focus being on how your offering will solve a problem, or directly benefit them, not on how clever it is.

Just some of the subject areas I have written features and web content on include construction, design, beekeeping, motor racing, first aid training, fire safety, motorcycling, online marketing, pensions and writing for magazines and the web!

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