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Client testimonials

  • RIBA Insight

    …One of the best email copywriters we've worked with

    Andy Sivell is one of the best email copywriters we’ve worked with. Some of our products and services are not easy to explain in one or two sentences, but Andy has always been quick to grasp what they do and how they’ll benefit their target market. What sets him apart is his ability to then translate that into attractive copy with a strong call to action. His obvious delight and competitiveness when reviewing email open and click-through rates is as amusing as it is unusual in a writer. He’s an email copywriting gem.
    RIBA Insight

  • Toucan Internet - commercially successful websites

    …A breath of fresh air

    Having commissioned copywriters before I must say that Andy [Sivell] is a breath of fresh air. Writing for the web, when the client is striving for good keyword optimisation, requires an additional dimension to the work that most copywriters are either unable to grasp or too precious to accommodate. Andy, on the other hand, fully grasps the need to not only write copy that meets the expectation of the reader head on, taking meticulous care that the proper industry terms are understood and used, but also embraces the need for proper keyword density, cross-linking and titling. Once the project was complete we were impressed that his interest extended to knowing the ongoing performance of his copy in the client’s website: we are pleased to report that the client is very content and has reported a noticeable upturn in web enquiries from their overhauled website, initiated from the search engines.
    Toucan Internet

  • DesignG London

    …101% brilliant at what he does

    I have worked with many copywriters and publishers, but never one like Andy Sivell. He has such a talent for writing any type of content: websites, magazines, brochures and anything to do with words. On many occasions I call on Andy for that inspirational headline or that simple bit of copy to make something outstanding. He is 101% brilliant at what he does and is great fun to work with.
    DesignG London

  • Pickfords Removals

    …Truly a pleasure to work with

    Andy [Sivell] quickly gained an in-depth understanding of the culture and structure of our complex organisation. [His] professionalism and tact is outstanding. It is truly a pleasure to work with him.
    Pickfords Removals

  • C-Lutions Creative Solutions - big or small, we design them all

    …The brochure introduction he wrote was very moving

    Andy Sivell, our brochure copywriter, spent a day conducting ten-minute interviews with a stream of people, most of whom he was only introduced to as they sat down. Yet out of that he got the most beautiful quotes. One lady poured her heart out to him. As she stood up at the end of it she actually wiped a tear from her eye. The introduction he subsequently wrote for the nursing home brochure was very moving.
    C-lutions Creative Solutions