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Editing, editorial and proofreading services

There is, of course, a huge difference between editing and proofreading. Editing encompasses the entire creative process while proofreading (in its strictest sense) is confined to checking and correcting copy. I’ve lumped them together here, along with editorial services, because most people shopping for a proofreader actually want a service that straddles all three disciplines.

I provide a proofreading service and, when working on bigger projects and wearing my editor’s hat, also employ freelance proofreaders. The best proofreaders combine speed and accuracy with a fiery passion for the English language. I confess that I’ll occasionally go into bat myself over an errant comma, but try never to lose sight of the wordsmith’s primary function: that is, to ensure that the reader is engaged by the copy and responds in the way the author intended. In particular, untangling management- and marketing-speak into plain English has become a bit of a speciality.

Editing extends beyond being meticulous about whether words are used and spelled correctly, to making sure that all elements of a website, newsletter or directory work together. Editing in this context includes editorial planning, picture research or commissioning, briefing the designer, working with specialist writers, and liaison with printers or web developers – as well as writing and proofreading copy. The editorial services I offer cover this full range.

I’ve worked on websites, newsletters, magazines, directories and brochures. I’m as comfortable working on my own as I am with others, and as happy leading teams as I am contributing under others’ direction. My primary concern is that the job is done well and the client left impressed by just how effective using the right words and pictures can be.

  • Directories

    Example of directory editing and proofreading service
  • Newsletters and magazines

    Example of newsletter and magazine editing and proofreading service
  • eNewsletters

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